Saturday, August 28, 2010

View on piercings?

Look at this picture. It screams to me "LEAVE YOUR SKIN BE!!!!" - This goes for tattoos as well, and all the other stupid things people seem to be doing to themselves these days. Why? The common response will be "you only live once" - to me, it's just people trying to fit in or help themselves to feel like they're some sort of cooldude/ badass. Not cool man. Stay natural, I say.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Sweet tunes.

Two Door Cinema Club - Indie/electronic kind of tunes. Go check them out.

My personal favourite - Something good can work - Two Door Cinema Club

Such a feel-good inspirational song. Love it.


As we all know, smoking is really bad for your health. What a lot of people don't realize is that when you smoke, those few minutes of your expected lifespan are literally transformed into the ash you flick away into an ashtray. Ashtrays, each and every one of them, are constructed by a single group running several dozen front companies. Basically, unless you're putting out your smokes beneath your heel or in the ashtray your kid made at camp, you're dispensing your ashen life into this group's eager little recepticle. Their ashtrays absorb the life force from the ashes and sends it to a central holding facility. No one knows for sure what these guys are going to do when they've collected all that life energy, but it's probably going to be huge. Incidentally, there's talk of a rival organization leading the anti-smoking political agenda from behind the scenes. They probably figure removing smoking sections, and thus ashtrays, from restaurants and bars is a good first step towards thwarting whatever it is this ashtray company is trying to do.

I love

The freelance nature of blogs - There are no set rules, you speak your mind, you may be as politically correct/incorrect as you like. No restrictions, no limits, nobody hanging over your shoulder telling you what you should or shouldn't do. More people will feel more inclined to release what's going on in their mind through literature; we all know a lot of people lack the ability to understand and perceive another person's spoken word, and this is a perfect way to combat such, as it seems reading pierces the mind a little deeper. 

Get blogging!